April 9 - 10, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Smart Data Pricing
SDP Forum 2015
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Smart Data Pricing SDP Industry Forum 2015

We would like to invite you to attend the 2nd Industry Smart Data Pricing (SDP) workshop which will be held in Princeton, NJ, on April 9-10, 2015. As the explosion in demand for mobile data continues unabated, operators around the world are creating innovative ways to price their offerings so as to balance the service needs of their customers with the investment needs of the network. Over the past four years, the first round of SDP has completed in the US, with the shift from unlimited mobile data to usage-based pricing. Lately, Smart Data Pricing has been much in the news with the introduction of shared data plans, zero-rating and quota trading, as well as regulatory discussions, spectrum monetization, and mobile content delivery.

The goal of Industry-SDP 2015 will be to survey the changes in the data pricing landscape since the first Industry-SDP workshop (2012) and to discuss how pricing techniques should continue to evolve so as to provide the maximum benefits to all network participants. We are delighted that Paul Jacobs (Executive Chairman and former CEO of Qualcomm), Dennis Strigl (Former CEO of Verizon Wireless and COO of Verizon), and Henning Schulzrinne (Chair Professor at Columbia U. and former CTO of FCC) have agreed to give keynote presentations. The remainder of the 1.5-day workshop will consist of a mix of invited presentations and panels on the important questions associated with data pricing. We intend the discussions to cover multiple topics including “How should data pricing plans be designed?”, “How will content providers, mobile app developers, advertisers and end users respond to existing/future offerings?”, “How can we measure the effectiveness of new pricing schemes?”, “How can new pricing plans be implemented at scale?” and “How will IoT services be priced?”

Attendees will be key decision makers in industry, including corporate strategy, business development, and R&D, along with the most active researchers on SDP across different universities.

Important Dates

Date: April 9 (9am) to April 10 (1pm), 2015
Location: Princeton University, Friend Convocation Room
Registration Deadline: Feb. 15, 2015